Welcome to Powerhouse Education

Founded in 2007 by Executive Director Jnana Gowan, Powerhouse Education is committed to deepening the connection between people and the planet by creating a deeper awareness of self, community and the earth.

Powerhouse a percolating ground for creativity, vitality and connectivity for children and adults alike offers integrated classes, workshops, rituals and seminars in:

  • hatha yoga
  • earth stewardship & shamanic studies
  • one-on-one healing sessions
  • rituals
  • and earth honoring ceremonies for the community

Each of these transformational healing modalities holds the seed of promise for positive change.

And at Powerhouse we know the key to the garden gate of the future is through our children. When we teach them, they teach their parents – and the instructors, too!
We offer a variety of ways to enlighten our future leaders:

The Bunny Head Yoga Program is an afterschool and in-school enrichment program that teaches kids yoga while giggling their way through class.

People Power! Planet Power! or P4! is an education program that interactively teaches children about our relationship to the natural world and our duties as “earth-walkers.”

Powerhouse Summer Camps integrates all of the above, plus we bring in expert co-leaders to create a fantastic environment to learn about personal power, creativity, earth stewardship, body awareness, gratitude and everyday kindness toward our fellow earth walkers – and to our Mother Earth.

And for those that are already grown we offer ways to assist in connecting more deeply to self in a kind and loving way.

We offer:
Transformational workshops for women and men using yoga, writing and ritual
Personal Healing Sessions
Urban Ceremony and Ritual

Many of our participants have had a feeling of “wow” while participating in our programs.
From a child experiencing self confidence through their new found love of yoga – to a woman in deep despair, that comes to the realization that she matters in the world. It is from this place of awakening that our participants may go on to live their lives more fully.

The theme of Powerhouse Education’s Camp Bunny Head camps is kindness – our ultimate goal is to spread kindness in many forms of gratitude and generosity. We want to spread kindness, creating a web of beauty covering the planet so we may walk in harmony with all living beings.